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Ask MISSter Simms: The Girl With the Vanishing Dates

ask misster simms

Keep your dates from disappearing

Dear MISSter Simms,

I came to the realization the other day that I tend to go on a lot of first dates, but don’t really get to go on that many second ones.  I could understand if those dates were all terrible, but they usually go pretty well.  There have been plenty of times where the next few days after the date me and the guy wind up texting each other, or calling, or emailing, or whatever, and then the next thing you know all communication comes to a halt.  What’s going on?  Why do things fizzle out when they seem to be going so well?

Cursed Dater

Dear CD,

Right now, we’re living in a crazy world filled with a gigantic buttload of information.  Information that’s way too easy to get your hands on.  Back in the day (you know, the 90s) that wasn’t exactly the case.  Sure, we had internet.  But back then typing someone’s name into a search engine didn’t give you their life story.  You couldn’t text message or email people all day long just willy nilly like.  You had to call them on a land line phone, and you could go for a long time without being able to get in contact with people.  It made everyone and everything a bit more interesting and mysterious.  The whole reason people date is so they can get to know each other through conversation and kicking it and whatnot.  Why, then, would you date someone who you already know like an open book because they’re constantly talking to you, telling you how their day went through email or text, updating their Facebook status messages 24/7 so you know they’re every move…Stuff like that takes the whole mystery and allure out of dating.

What you need to do the next time you go out on a date is give out your number and that’s it.  Don’t befriend each other on Facebook.  Don’t give up your email address.  Definitely don’t point him towards your Twitter account.  Get a lil’ more old school with the communication techniques.  That way you can maintain your air of mystery longer, and in turn it’ll keep him more interested in you.  Not only will you finally get a second date, but probably a whole bunch of other ones after that.

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