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Art HERstory: HOLD UP ART Presents Allison Torneros’ Streams of Subconsciousness

Usually Art HERstory schools you ladies on the amazing female artists of the past that you may not have known about. You’re welcome. This week we’re featuring an LA-based artist who is making much noise in the industry. Allison Torneros is something like an art prodigy. She’s been drawing since age two and designed her first website at age eleven. Now the mixed media painter and graphic designer is prepping for a major exhibition at HOLD UP ART in Los Angeles.

Allison’s creative process is like nothing I’ve ever seen. She begins by splattering paint on a canvas, leaving the paint to dry overnight, and then returns to it later, interpreting the colors and allowing them to inspire what she paints over the swirls of pigment. She lets her work create itself in a sense.

“I attempt to capture the essence and emotions of dreaming, as random, ethereal, sensual, and frightening as they may be. When different elements of the paintings emerge they create their own intriguing storyline left open to interpretation, the same way we try to make sense of a dream moments after waking.”

As a modern artist, Allison even turns to social media and her fans for inspiration. With her “Paint by Word” project, Allison posts her initial paint washes to her Facebook and Twitter. Fans then post two word comments on the post describing what they see in the wash. Allison in turn uses the descriptions to fuel her creative flames and creates a layered work by painting over her washes. She calls this exhibition “The Show That Social Media Built” because of the hand her fans had in the construction of the pieces included.

Don’t get it twisted. Allison is no rookie to the art game. You may not recognize the name, but you probably have laid eyes on some of her work. She’s responsible for the design of the Nom Nom Truck from Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race (I love that show!). Since then, Allison’s list of collaborations includes some industry heavy hitters. Her design company/creative studio, CircleDot, has worked with Disney, Procter & Gamble, and Dreamworks. Most recently, The North Face has summoned Allison’s talents for an art on apparel line. Yes, she’s making moves people!

Ladies out there in La La Land (bka LA), do yourself a favor and stop by HOLD UP ART and check out the dream-inspired exhibition. I’m confident we’ll be seeing a lot more of Allison’s work in the future, so get familiar early.

New Works by Allison Torneros

Streams of Consciousness at HOLD UP ART

Opening Reception on Saturday, December 3

Exhibition runs through December 28


358 E. 2nd Street, Los Angeles, California 90012

Image Layout: Phaymiss

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