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Amy Winehouse “Our Day Will Come” Video & Album Release

amy winehouse lioness hidden treasures

I was just driving home while listening to the radio and was pleasantly surprised to hear a new Amy Winehouse track, Our Day Will Come.  I miss her so much – fortunately we’ll be blessed with one more album by Ms. Winehouse.  Her posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures is out in a few days on December 6th.  I’ll definitely be getting this – in fact I’m going to preorder – and you can too on  I can’t wait to hear the songs!

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One Response to “Amy Winehouse “Our Day Will Come” Video & Album Release”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    This album is so great! It really makes you feel like you’re hearing a more personal side of Amy. Everyone needs this album!!


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