Winter Beauty Essentials

East-coasters are well aware of how cold temperatures are getting this month with the ‘Snowpocalypse’ that happened last week, and the bitter chill starting to form in the air. If you happen to be a student living in New England, like me, or you just need to start preparing for the onslaught of winter winds and freezing cold weather—I’ve compiled a few wintertime beauty essentials I think will very much come in handy.

The first item on the list is Clarisonic’s Mia2 Skin Cleansing system ($149 at Sephora). During the winter months it is especially important to exfoliate your skin regularly. Using a brush like this one, or any at-home exfoliant, is key in sloughing away dead skin cells, and prevent rough and dry skin from building up on your face.

The second item on the list is La Mer’s “Moisturizing Cream” ($135 at Nordstrom). For a hefty price tag, it’s understandable that this product is not for everyone. However, it is the best moisturizer on the market that money can buy. This product and other facial moisturizing creams are crucial to have in cold weather. You should really take the time to moisturize twice a day (morning and night) and really massage the cream into your skin to help blood flow and circulation.  It keeps skin hydrated.

I mentioned earlier that exfoliation is super important, and it is. This “Cactus Body Brush” will get rid of dead skin and keep your entire body smooth and soft throughout the winter ($15 at The Body Shop). It will last up to a year and will improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

Other notable items that are good to keep on hand are a big tube of Eucerin body lotion ($9 at CVS), a tub of Bag Balm ($9 at CVS) and Dr. Lipp’s balm ($15 at SpaceNK). Obviously, moisturizing your entire body is important. It prevents dry, scaly elbows and knees and keeps skin hydrated and glowing.  Bag Balm is a go-to product in the winter because it is almost pure lanolin and can be applied anywhere. Dr. Lipp makes a great lip balm/nipple balm that hydrates lips like no other product can. The worst feeling in the world is having cracked lips in the winter (resist the urge to lick your lips, it only makes it worse)! This product creates a barrier from cold and wind and keeps lips hydrated.

Some other good products to have with you this winter are a good, rich hand cream, a cream blush, and a humidifier. It should be mentioned that wearing sunscreen during the winter is essential; wearing sunscreen all the time is ESSENTIAL. Finally, staying hydrated and drinking lots of water will keep you looking and feeling good this season!

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  1. macy says:

    moisturizers do not have to be so expensive try Honey Girl organics and for 30 dollars You have a winner


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