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TouchBack Marker & TouchBack Plus Non-Stop Color System for Hair

TouchBack Plus Hair Color System

We all want to be forever young but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.  I’ve had grey hairs popping up since my early 20s but I always heard that if I plucked the white hairs out, more would grow in its place.  Now, there’s no scientific proof of that and most people call that an old wive’s tale but I was not about to experiment on my own head. Fortunately it was just a few hairs and I could hide them pretty easily.  Also, about 2-3 times a year I would go to the salon and get a dark color glaze put on my hair and that would cover any grays until it washed out.

That was until I got pregnant and opted not to have any chemicals touch my hair.  Instead of plucking the greys, I took a small nail scissor and cut the hair as close to the root as possible.  That worked fine at first until the grey hairs started growing back – all wiry and standing straight up – not cute!  Now I can get my glaze done again but I don’t get to the salon as often as I’d like so when the PR gals from TouchBack Plus got in touch with me about the new non-permanent wash out color system I said, “Yes please!”.

TouchBack Plus is the FIRST total system of interlocking formulas for color renewal, maintenance, and gray root touch-up to keep hair looking perfect between permanent colorings. Unlike at-home dyes, TouchBack Plus lets you customize color vibrancy by choosing your perfect combination of Shampoo, Conditioner andLeave-In Conditioner in Color or Clear … without harsh chemicals.  No ammonia, peroxide or sulfates. (My favorite part!)

I was sent the shampoo and the Touch Back Marker to try out.  The first time I tried the shampoo I used very little because I didn’t know how strong the color would be.  I ended up not using enough so the second time I used a bit extra since my hair is thick and pretty long reaching my mid-low back.  After the second wash I did notice a subtle color difference and shine which was nice because I wanted it to look natural, not like I just dyed my hair.  I didn’t use the conditioner, leave-in conditioner or clear shampoo so I would think that when you get to layer all of the products you can get a deeper result.

TouchBack Marker
My absolute favorite though? The Marker stole the show! Since I just have a few grey hairs here and there the Marker was perfect for spot treating the hair and making those grays vanish! (Until I washed my hair).  It basically works the way it sounds.  It’s a marker for your hair – you simply brush the marker over the grey hairs you want to cover and voila! they’re gone!  Somehow TouchBack was in my thoughts because I had been wishing for a product like this – I just didn’t know it existed!  This is my new favorite beauty product and I recommend it for anyone stretching out a dye job or who just has a few hairs to cover and doesn’t want to deal with dying hair.

TouchBack Plus is available in eight shades:  Rich Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Auburn and Dark Auburn.  You can purchase TouchBack online or at Sally Beauty, Ulta stores or other fine salons.

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