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Shop For A Cause: Sale Benefitting amfAR on GILT

amFAR sale on Gilt

The iconic red AIDS ribbon promoting HIV awareness has gotten a makeover to commemorate the discovery of the AIDS virus 30 years ago. Fashion designer and Chairman of amfAR, Kenneth Cole, has partnered with MTV International’s Staying Alive Foundation and amfAR to reinterpret the ribbon. The new design features a double loop signifying individuals coming together for a good cause and the re-doubling of efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The new AIDS ribbons will be on sale beginning TODAY on, with 100% of net profits being donated to AWEARNESS, the Kenneth Cole Foundation, in support of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. In addition, to support the campaign, Rose McGowan has curated an exclusive sale for  Here’s a portion of an interview Gilt conducted with Rose McGowan about her involvement with amfAR:

Gilt: So how did you first get involved with Amfar?
RM: I’ve gone to their events for probably, gee, almost seven years, mostly in Cannes. I think it’s an incredibly important and still very timely organization. A friend of mine was just diagnosed three weeks ago so, you know…the need for aid and awareness doesn’t stop. I think Kenneth Cole is amazing for doing this, and you guys are too; it’s a fantastic tie-in with amfAR. It’s a great marriage. I think regardless of whether you buy Kenneth’s clothing or not, it’s amazing the work he’s done for this cause.

Gilt: How would you describe your style?
RM: It’s a really tough question, but I think ‘Classic with a twist’ would be accurate. I think people think I’m much more eccentric than I am. You know, if you look at the things I’ve worn, it’s all pretty classical but there’s a bit of an edge to it—it has personality, a sense of self. I’m definitely a mood dresser: Today I might feel like a man. Tomorrow I may feel like a lady. It depends. I’m not someone who wears all black just to play it safe and to not be put down.

RM: That’s what was so great about this movie, The Pastor’s Wife. I was basically wearing fashion birth control the entire time. It was hilarious. But it was really interesting playing this part, because she was basically the invisible woman.

Gilt: So, what’s up next?
RM: I also just wrapped shooting on The Tell-Tale Heart in New Orleans—which was truly amazing. I read the short story when I was four? A little early for Poe, I guess. It gave me nightmares. I read when I was four but nobody taught me how to tie my shoes until I was 9. A little backward, I guess.

Help support a good cause and renew efforts into creating awareness about HIV with the new AIDS ribbon. The sale ends on Saturday, Midnight EST!

Come Together – Directors cut from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

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