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She’s Got Sole: Sire Varsity Collection by Pastry

It’s not very often that a clothing company can cross into sneakers without making a complete tomfoolery of themselves. Female sneakerheads are picky about what goes on their feet and don’t often trust shoe designs from clothing brands. We love to compete with the boys, but get a kick out of rocking sneaks they can’t. Simmons sister creation Pastry did a good job of dabbling in kick culture with their Sire Varsity collection.

The Sire Varsity features a leather upper with wool accents and interior. The inclusion of a letterman inspired ‘P’ iron on just makes the sneaker that much cuter. Each sneaker sports a crispy white rubber sole and the Pastry logo on the tongue, side, and sole of the shoe. Honestly, I didn’t expect to every like a Pastry shoe, but this one is actually the perfect balance of sporty and girly. You ladies like?

Image Layout: Aeramis

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One Response to “She’s Got Sole: Sire Varsity Collection by Pastry”

  1. Kelly says:

    I own a pair of Pastries that I don’t wear anymore, I thought maybe the brand had fell off. This style is pretty dope and very reasonably priced.


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