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R.I.P. – Heavy D’s Legacy

With the out pour of media attention on the recent death of Dwight Arrington Myers, aka Heavy D, many of you might have already been filled in on the cause of his death and bits of his career. As to try and avoid repeating the same information most of you have been getting, we at M.I.S.S would like to focus on the legacy the “overweight lover” left on the hip hop community & music industry.

For fans of late 80s and early 90s hip hop, Hev is nothing new, but rather an old friend. Contributing hits such as Now That We Found Love, Somebody for Me, Got Nuthin But Love, Heavy D & the Boyz soon became a staple in any tape deck.  Not letting himself fall into just another Where Are They Now episode on VH1, Hev was able to stay relevant, even if The Boyz and him weren’t pumping out hits like they used to.

Transitioning to behind the scenes, Hev was able to become the first rapper to head a major record label (Uptown Records). Not only did he pave the way for other rappers to follow suite, he was also responsible for hiring a little known intern for Uptown by the name of Sean Combs.

Hev’s itch for the biz couldn’t stop him from being in some sort of limelight. Throughout the years he’s been in feature films like  Cider House Rules and the more recent Tower Heist, as well as having a reoccurring role in Boston Public.

The complete opposite of some thug or rich rapper turned bankrupt, Hev set the bar high when it came to conducting one’s self with class and dignity in hip hop.  He was smart about the roles he took and was truly an example on having longevity in a business notorious for quickly moving onto the next big thing. He paid respect to the ladies when others chose to toss them aside and wasn’t afraid to be who he was. Behind some of the most favored songs in hip hop like They Reminisce Over You, he’ll always have some sort of place in the hearts of fans.

So here’s to you Heavy D, the overweight lover, hope you’re resting in piece now with your boy Trouble T. Roy.

Some Heavy D Classics for you:

Now That We Found Love:

Somebody For Me:

Girls They Love Me:

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