New EHP Regulations Placed on Fish Pedicures

If you were one of the first people to jump on the fish pedicure bandwagon after seeing Diane Sawyer getting her feet done on Good Morning America back in 2007, you might have jumped the gun. Feel free to check out the video here: Diane Sawyer Gets A Fish Pedicure!

The Environmental health practitioners (EHPs) are welcoming new regulations that have been recently placed on fish pedicures within the last month. After many inquires to the EHP from local environmental health practitioners regarding this trend, a group was established, made up of several agencies, to find data on health risks associated with the beauty treatment and develop a set of guidelines.

The fad got its start in Turkey, where tiny Garra Rufa or “doctor fish” eat away dead skin on your feet. It has been banned in some U.S. states like Florida, New Hampshire, Texas, and Washington due to fears that infections could spread through open wounds. Those who suffer from psoriasis, diabetes, and have compromised immune systems, have also been advised not to get fish pedicures. It is also recommended that you wait 24 hours after getting a leg wax before getting this pedicure to avoid bacterial infections.The new beauty fad, which is meant to give clients soft and smooth feet, has grown in popularity in salons across the world. Here are some helpful tips for those considering getting a fish pedicure: DO NOT have a pedicure if . . .

  • You feel sick
  • You have open cuts on feet or legs
  • You are diabetic, suffer from psoriasis or other skin condition
  • You are taking anticoagulants

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