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Modern Kabuki: NARS 2011 Holiday Collection

Hanamichi Kabuki-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

“I am completely fascinated by Kabuki theatre; the makeup and costumes are especially beautiful. My attraction to this art form led to the creation of this Collection.  The shades and products used in the NARS Kabuki Collection range from bright, intense shades to deep saturated hues.” –François Nars

Nars blends an iconic, old-world art form with modern design and function in this stunning six piece Holiday collection titled Modern Kabuki.

This palette retails for $65/USD.  The Japanese word hanamichi translates to flower path.  Hanamichi is the Kabuki walkway that extends into the audience. Three lovely flowers in colors used in traditional Kabuki theater – matte black,  shimmering gold and a deep red layered on top of a icy white shimmer. Included is a kabuki eye shadow brush that is wrapped with wisteria. I would purchase this palette just for that stunning brush alone. I  see many possible looks with this gorgeous palette. I’d be curious to even try that deep red shade as a blush!

Kuroko Kabuki Mini Nail Polish Coffret

This nail polish set retails for $35/USD. The set includes four mini bottles in bold shaded used in traditional Kabuki theater: Yoshiwara (red), Shiro-Nuri (white), Kata (black), and Senryou (gold).

I have used Nars polishes in the past. When used with a good base and top coat – these polishes can last on your nails for up to 4-5 days. Just remember to swipe off any residual oils on your nails with alcohol before your base coat and reapply top coat every other day. Individual, full size bottle go for $17/USD, this is a great value if you have never tried the polishes or for the Nars fan in your life.

Mie Kabuki Mini Soft Touch Shadow Pencils Coffret

Mie Kabuki references a moment of high emotion culminating in an extremely dramatic pose. The shades in this set will help you do just that!  This set features one of my favorite items in my cosmetic collection – the shadow pencils. Shadow pencils are a great short cut for easy smoky eyes or when you don’t have time to do your eye makeup but you just need a slash of color smoked along your lash lines. The three colors in this set of mini shadow pencils are best selling in the line: Aigle Noir (black w/gold shimmer), Palladium (turquoise w/silver shimmer), Skorpios (copper). The following three shades are exclusives to the brand: Tall Tale (deep metallic purple), Magic Moon (deep metallic navy blue) and Ballets Russe (silver). This set retails for $55/USD. This is a gift I’d gladly give to myself!

I own the full sized Aigle Noir. I love using this blended on my lid as a base. I also have to use a primer underneath as it can have the tendency to crease. Do not let that steer you away from trying this pencil. The gold really pops out – this is not your standard black shadow pencil. Just remember your eye primer first!

Kudoki Kabuki Mini Lip Coffret

This gorgeous set retails for $125/USD and it is reminiscent of the tools used for traditional brush painting calligraphy/painting. You get three hand poured kabuki ceramic cups filled with exclusive shades: Ougi (red), Takebue (nude) and Botan (deep pink). Last year this same set was featured at the same price but with only two cups (red and pink). They both come in a fabulous wooden keepsake box with a red lacquered interior and a special edition lip brush (also wrapped with wisteria).

How glamorous would this look on your vanity table? It would certainly dress up my bathroom counter top, that’s for sure!

If I had to choose one gift to (blatantly) hint to my husband to buy me it would be this:

This brush set retails for $225/USD – they are full sized! The big fluffy blending brush – the Botan (in the upper left hand corner) retails for $75 alone. This comes in a keepsake wooden box with a red lacquered interior.

Each brush in this set is named after principal musical forms in Kabuki theater: Botan (face), Ita (highlight/contouring), Yachiyo (blush/highlighting) and two exclusive Kabuki brushes – Eye and Lip. These brushes are made with soft Pen Super Goat hairs, which is ideal for blending. The Yachiyo, eye and lip pencils are hand wrapped with black wisteria giving it a look that it belonged on a dressing table of a Kabuki performer in the 19th century!

I currently own the Ita brush and I love using it to apply highlighting powder right on the top of my cheekbones. I recommend gently washing the bristles with baby shampoo before using. It helps soften the bristles. Also, gently wrap a cloth over the brushes that are wrapped in wisteria before washing the bristles and be sure to lay them out to dry thoroughly. I like having the bristles lay flat over the counter with the brush hanging over the edge into the sink. If there were any moisture to drip it would land into the sink. Also, this will keep the body of the brush free from water damage. I know this may sound like high maintenance for a brush but if you take good care of them, it will last you years and years to come!

I love the variety of this collection and the price range starts at a modest $35 to a luxurious $225 – there’s something for everyone. Now I just have to decide who gets what and which one to buy for myself!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is gorgeous!

  2. Alexis Dayers Alexis says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Do you plan on picking anything up? I think I’d really be happy with the set of shadow sticks if I just had to pick one but then again, I’m eye pencil hoor!

    Happy Holidays to you!


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