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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: PlugBug Charges Two For the Price of One

plug bug twelve south

Because you can never have enough ways to charge things

Too many gadgets, not enough places to charge them.  This can be especially true when you’re traveling, holed up in a Holiday Inn with more basic cable channels than available outlets, and all of your available USB slots are already taken up by portable hard drives and wireless mice.  Recognizing how this could be a problem, the fine folks at Twelve South have developed the PlugBug, an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/whatever-USB-device charger that attaches to your existing MacBook/Air/Pro AC adaptor (sorry PC peeps).  It essentially allows you to charge your computer and your random device from one outlet at the same time.  And should you find yourself sans computer, but still in need of charging something (as is often the case when I’m out in the city), you can still use the PlugBug as a standalone charger.  Huzzah!

You can buy your own PlugBug for $35 at Twelve South’s online store.

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