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It’s Cyber Monday – Are You Shopping?

cyber monday
I have about ten email accounts and one of them is devoted to just store emails. But at this time of year, somehow, someway, every email account I have is bombarded with notices from online stores. Today happens to be the peak since it’s Cyber Monday. I’ll save you some time from checking all of your emails and let you know that pretty much every online store is having a sale and many are offering free shipping.

Based on this years’ sales figures, it’s very likely that many of you reading this will be making an online purchase today. The economy may not be back in full effect but “a record 226 million shoppers hit stores and e-commerce sites over the Black Friday weekend.” (WWD) Looks like things may finally be looking up!

I personally stayed away from shopping and took a break from the computer. I tried going to one store on Friday and just walked out after a few minutes because I couldn’t handle the chaos, crowds, and lines. I know I’ll be doing most of my holiday shopping online. What about you? Did you shop this weekend? What did you get? Are you shopping online?

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One Response to “It’s Cyber Monday – Are You Shopping?”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    I’ve been trying not to spend money but I did find some great deals on for some of my family members. I can’t wait to give them some cool art.


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