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I’m Having a Moment: Crew Necks

Connect the Dots: Adapt Dot Matrix Ladies Crew

It might be the weather, or my obsession with vintage, but for fall I’m loving crew necks. This trend is nothing groundbreaking, and my new found penchant for this comfy, sans collar sweater style is shared by many. If you’ve been following any sort of up and coming rapper or hip hop in general, you know that the crew neck is a staple piece. With so many different styles out there now, crews are once again becoming the must have piece for guys or gals.

Dapper Dan Worthy: Vintage Mock Gucci Crew

My ideal crew neck has to be both vintage and a statement piece. With so many companies jumping into the market, it’s easy to blend in.  Prices for new pieces are almost always around $60, and prices go even higher for rare collectibles (for example, anything original sports related).  But if you don’t feel like spending that sort of cash, try your local thrift store. You are bound to find either an ironic unicorn or cat print between the racks.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Club Crew

For some reason, the best crews belong to the fellas. Tell me why is that? Never fear! The unisex quality of this type of sweater allows girls to rock crews originally designed for men. And maybe vice versa?

This is No Ordinary Sweater: Diamond Supply Deuces Crew

Got a bright or heavily printed crew? Pair your new best friend with basic leggings and some cute ankle boots for a look that is both unique & fashion forward. If you have plain crew, throw on anything printed for your bottoms, whether it be some out there tights or colored, high-waisted shorts. The best part of this trend that with so many styles, you instantly have a ton of outfit options.

Here’s a couple more styles we love:

The Classic Crew Gets Updated: Lucca Couture Lorimer Sweater

Acapulco Gold Regiment Crew

Where to Buy (in order of post):

Adapt Dot Matrix Crew $60 (
Vintage Mock Gucci Crew $68 (
Vintage Mickey Mouse Club Crew $60 (
Diamond Supply Deuces Crew Neck $60 (
Lucca Couture Lorimer Sweater $85 (
Acapulco Gold Regiment Crew $104 (
Photo Layout by: Phaymiss

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