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Find Your Fit: New Shoe Line From deeFind

The Zeena (boots), The Zoelle (purple/black), The Urania (pink/black)


A fitting motto of hope and empowerment from Dierdre Wallace, creator of deeFind – a new line of heels and boots out of San Francisco.  “The definition of the word ‘future’ or ‘futuristic’ violently rocked something, deep inside me,” Wallace writes in the company’s fall/winter lookbook.  Everything about the line has been thought out; from the brand’s name, deeFind (which can not only be read several ways, but is also a nod to the creator’s first initial), to the names of each of the seven shoes in this season’s line.

The Grania (black/red), The Jelena (white/red)

The future isn’t the only place in time that has been drawn upon for inspiration; from ’60s mod to ’80s punk, vintage pin-up meets glam with rock’n’roll. The yellow and grayed taxi-cab Maelle boots (a name which means “ambitious”) are quintessentially go-go, but the peep toe propels them (like magic!) into modern-day futurism.  They bring to mind so many of those fantastic old sci-fi movies, which are such great displays of what we thought the future would look like in the past.

Continuing the mod theme, the Jelena heels (of Russian origin, meaning “bright one, torch”), white with thin, red, grid-like detailing, are shaped like something Mary Quant might keep in her closet.  The red detail gives them an update.

The purple and black Zoelles (Greek origin, variant of Zoe, meaning “life, alive”) step fierce with a punk-rock spike-studded heel counter (learn your shoe anatomy) and glammed-out ’70s mirrored heels.  The Grania heels (Irish Gaelic, meaning “love”) stay punk with chunky silver chains around the ankle.

The Maelle (boots), The Jewelle (black/white), The Zoelle (purple/black)

Wallace was inspired to create her own line of shoes after yet another online search for drop-dead sexy heels in her size (women’s 11) came up fruitless.  Where were all the shoes for the above average-footed ladies?  In answer to this, deeFind carries all of their shoes in sizes 6-12!

Browse the lookbook and purchase online at deeFind.com ($125-$155)

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