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Fashion Meets Music: Beyonce “Party” Remix

You a bad girl and your friends bad too. You got the swag sauce you drippin’ swagu.

As one of the hardest working girls in the game, Beyonce has once again proved that no one’s swag is saucier by releasing several videos for tracks from her album 4 practically back to back. Oh and did I mention she did this while putting together her live “album” being dropping this week and with a baby on the way? Impressed? Well I am. Although controversy swirled around her minor opus “Countdown”–I’m a sometimes fan and even I have to say that it looked as though she ripped the entire concept from the work of Belgium choreographer Anne Teresa De Keermaeker–and the videos for “1+1” and “Love On Top” killed, the video for “Party (remix)” featuring J Cole is easily the best, and most overlooked, of the bunch.

Stripped of an over the top concept and exquisitely choreographed dance moves, “Party” drops Bey and pals off in the trailer park for an old school house party that mirrors the track’s 80s vibe. Bey also lets us know that she’s been taking some kind of advice from her baby sis Solange, who DJ’s the obviously planned impromptu party, by incorporating tons of guys and gals clad in their finest hip-hopster digs as purchased from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and wherever vaguely vintage clothing is sold. While this would make for a lack luster concept for some of the other artists out there who have embraced the paired down what-was-the-hipster aesthetic ages ago, including her sissy, this completely does it for King B whose usual motto is mix in a “tribute” or two to another artist then take it over the top. However, do not for on second think that Mrs. Carter did not take this to infinity and beyond. She called in her bestie Kelly Rowland for a cameo, dialed up Theophilus London and had him swing through and wrapped herself in more fur than a forest with little else to prove that the baby may be on the way but her body is still banging.


Speaking of fur and banging bodies, the style is this video was a bit yawnsville until Bey brought in everything from lucite heels and a vintage inspired swimsuit, a fur vest with a set of lace bunny ears last seen on the Olsen twins and tons of tiny shorts. Seriously, if this is backyard barbecue attire in Bey world I would hate to see what constitutes dressed up? Then again, it is her party and she is the only guest in fur. Apparently Solange got the memo and kept it laid back with her “Queen of the Pack” braids and an all American cut-offs and bandeau combo. But on the flipside, I think Kelly got a different invite since she was in what appeared to be a sexed up version of a classic Chanel suit. So….I guess the dress code for this party was whatever you like as long as you don’t overshadow the king? But how could you? Between a bevy of outfit changes that included moving from a leopard print top and shorts, to a tank and what looked like panties, to furs and boyshorts, to swimwear and leotards with garters, Bey gives us a little bit of everything.
To cop this look add a high fashion touch to your usual street style looks, or vice versa. “Party” is all about playing with the idea of high-low/street couture. Think patterned leggings with slinky tunics and off the chart heels. If you’re daring, go all out like Bey and throw on a fur vest, some well placed fashion tape, over the knee boots and booty shorts…don’t really know where you’ll be going in a get up like that but hey, it’s your party.

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One Response to “Fashion Meets Music: Beyonce “Party” Remix”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    This video is so hawt! And Kanye’s line will stay in your head for days.

    How would you suggest to wear the vintage short out in public! It is super cute but is it something more reserved for the beach or nightclub? Would wearing something like that to a BBQ be pushing it?


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