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Drea – A New Eye Shadow Palette from Charlotte Ronson

First things first – English born, NY based fashion designer, Charlotte Ronson has recently partnered with Sephora and launched an exclusive cosmetic collection. It’s a small collection consisting of four palettes, six lip glosses, one blush/bronzing/highlighting palette, a setting powder, liquid face/body bronzer and a texturizing sea-water spray for hair. If you know me well enough, then you’d know I headed straight to the palettes. The palettes are inspired by celebrity friends, family – Nicole (Richie, friend), Annabelle (half-sister), Henrietta (half-sister) but the one I picked up was created with actress (and friend) Drea de Matteo in mind.

Not only is this is a review but also a beauty inspiration…

You may know Drea from her recent appearance in the show Desperate Housewives, or the ill-fated Friends spinoff, Joey but I loved her most as Adriana La Cerva in HBO’s The Sopranos.

Born Andrea Donna de Matteo, Jan. 19, 1972 – Queens, NY. What was supposed to be a one episode appearance on The Sopranos turned into a seven year gig, including an Emmy in 2004 for Best Supporting Actress on a Drama Series.

Before we had the Jersey Shore guidettes or the Jerseylicious girls teaching us how to tease our hair and perfect a smoky eye while wearing leopard prints, we had Adriana on The Sopranos. Her makeup was heavy, nails were long and acrylic, her hair was big, and her outfits were sexy – I LOVED HER! Off duty Drea (picture on the left) is just as sexy but with more Rocker Girl vibe. I remember reading one of her interviews where she admitted to never washing her face at night but reapplying makeup in the morning and the only beauty ritual she did was pluck her eyebrows because she said (in her words) she was “a hairy Italian” – who doesn’t love that kind of honesty?

Let’s get to the palette (pictured above): The palette is a smooth black, matte acrylic made to feel like metal – the edges are sharp. There’s also a woman’s silhouette on the cover, which looks a bit like Charlotte. I like the simple font on the bottom and the white heart softens the heaviness  of the look and feel of the palette.

Here’s the color lineup and swatches:

From left to right:  Champagne Beige Shimmer, Deep Nude Beige (almost apricot) Matte, Bluish-Gray w/Silver Shimmer, and a Black Matte.

As you can see, there are no brushes or foam tipped applicators. That is fine with me since I never use the brushes or applicators that are included in palettes, unless I have no choice.

The shadows are very soft to the touch and blend pretty well. I find I get the best results by patting the color on my lid with densely packed shadow brush (MAC #239).

Here’s how I used the palette:

After prepping lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop (soft yellow tint to neutralize), I patted the deep beige shade on my lid up to my brows. I took an all over fluffy brush (Stila #9) to blend this shade. Then with my dense small shadow brush, I patted the matte black shade on top of the deep beige on my lid. That lightened the color. With the same shadow brush I layered the metallic gray – the black turns the gray into a more blue, gray shade. I took my crease brush (MAC #217) and applied the metallic gray into my crease. Next, blend out any harsh lines with fluffy brush. With a pointed pencil brush, (MAC #219) I took the black shade and applied it on top of my upper lash line as my liner. I did the same to my lower lash line, then I added the metallic gray on top of the black and blended. I then took my blackest black eye liner (MAC Feline) and lined my lower waterline. I blended it a bit with the pencil brush to make it a bit soft. I finished with layers of my Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara. Expect some fallout from the shadows, metallic gray/black so you may want to apply your foundation last. That way you can clean up around your eyes without messing up any foundation or concealer you may have applied beforehand.

Also used: Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes, Brunette.

Here’s my complete Adriana inspired look:

I know my hair isn’t as big but this is just an interpretation and my heavy Asian hair can fall pretty flat even after intense teasing. I couldn’t resist adding one of my new favorite accessories – leopard print earrings (from Forever 21 for $2.80)

Other products used:

Face: Chanel Lumiere – #44 Beige Ambre/NARS Bronzer – Casino/NARS Multiple – G-Spot on cheeks

Lips: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Bahama, NARS Lip Gloss – Moon Fleet

I did a lighter version on the eyes for work. I didn’t use black on the lid – metallic gray right on top of the deep beige. I am disappointed to report that even with trusty eye primer, TFSI, this didn’t last an entire day. To the palette’s defense, I did a sweaty spin class during my lunch break. I did notice a bit of a color fade an hour after my class. It wasn’t until I got home from work did I notice more color fading. I am not giving up – I will try this next on top of one of my cream shadows. I am a bit bummed since the colors from my Wet ‘n Wild palette last longer than the Ronson palette. And if it fails with the aid of a cream shadow, then I’ll have to reserve this for special night occasions.

The Charlotte Ronson Makeup collection is exclusively sold at Sephora stores and online. It retails for $22, which softens the slight letdown I felt after trying these shadows for a full day.

The real reason I’m not giving up – I HEART Drea that much!

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