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Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9 Fragrance

Andy Warhol by Bond No9
Bond No. 9 is releasing Andy Warhol, the sixth in its fragrance series inspired by the artist. The other Bond No. 9 Warhol fragrances are inspired by places in New York that the artist frequented including Union Square and Montauk. For the sixth fragrance, Bond No.9 took inspiration from the artist – man – celebrity himself.

When one thinks of Andy Warhol, one conjures soup cans and portraits of some of the most famous people of his day – Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. Warhol also did many self-portraits and in some ways, you can say that he made being a celebrity an art-form. He famously said: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Bond No. 9 describes the scent:

The Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9 scent (androgynous, of course) kicks off with fresh and lively Italian bergamot zest and peach juice—which are quickly juxtaposed with red rose, peach juice, and spicy cumin, having their luscious say. The heart of this brew is a Warholian mix of mischief mingled with eros: Honeyed centifolia rose, white patchouli and cistus ambre (a Mediterranean shrub with a woody, smoky, plum-like kick similar to that of amber itself), play off against outspoken jasmine, lemony-spicy frankincense, and riveting oud. Then when we reach the drydown, we’re in full-throttle late ‘60s aphrodisiac territory, with a blend of sultry amber, intense red sandalwood, mulled plum, Madagascar vanilla bean, and—not least—musk.

Andy Warhol by Bond no.9 arrives on-counter December 1st will be sold at Bond No. 9’s six New York stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Price: 100 ml, $240; 50ml, $180.

Andy Warhol by Bond No9 olfacatory notes

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