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8 Ways to Survive Black Friday

We don’t know about you, but we think  holiday shopping celebrations should start on the day after Turkey Day. None of this Santa showing up  in October business. Yes the economy does need a boost but we should celebrate one holiday at a time. It goes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Black Friday.

Take heed, committing to the biggest shopping day of the year is no easy task. As you probably already know, there will be lines upon lines and maybe the occasional fight. For those who are looking to have an enjoyable time this 25th, we have compiled you a short survival guide of things you should think about bringing during your shopping adventures.

1. Comfortable Shoes

Vera Wang 'Lillian' Flat $96.90, Nordstrom

This might be the single most important item of clothing you’ll be wearing all day. You’ll be on your feet all day so, please, leave the heels at home. Avoid the more obvious route by throwing one some sloppy Uggs or gymshoes, we know it’s tempting but try and wear some basic flats. This way  you will have a more realistic view on how your outfit will look. Plus, who really wants to look like a mess when everyone else is?

2. Dr. Scholl’s Inserts

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Inserts $8, at drugstores

If you feel like you’ll need some extra comfort, Dr. Scholl’s inserts are the way to go. The company makes a variety of different shapes and styles, but the “Massaging Gel” inserts are the most comfortable. This would be an ideal choice if you did go with boots or cute sneakers. For flats, you might want to try the company’s options for ladies, as some of the inserts are specifically designed for flats. They aren’t as effective as the Massaging Gel version though.

3. Knapsack or Satchel

Baggu Canvas Backpack $32, Urban Outfitters

This will allow you to store only your essentials. A knapsack will keep your arms free while sifting through racks. If a backpack isn’t your thing, try a satchel with a cross body strap. It’s a more compact option and will allow easy access to your wallet and other essentials.

Reconstructed Pendeleton Crossbody Bag $40, Cindy Mars on Etsy.com

4. Yerba Mate

Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea $4, most grocery stores

Coffee is great, but too much caffeine can make you go a little crazy. We certainly don’t want you ending up on the 6 o’clock news. Drink some yerba mate tea instead and you’ll get a healthy, powerful boost of energy that wont leave  buggy-eyed by the end of the day. It’s pretty much the godsend when it comes to maintaining your alertness and energy.

5. Portable Battery Recharger

Duracell Powerhouse Recharable Battery $59, Staples

Charge your smartphone, cell, camera, and iPod instantly. Your battery might be working overtime with all the tweeting and status updating you’ll likely be doing about the deals you scored.

6. Convertable Bra

Convertible Bra $8.80, Forever 21

Ladies, don’t pass up a great wardrobe piece due to the fact you’re not wearing the proper bra. Wear convertible option because it will allow you to test out a variety of different garment options.

7. Make Smart Choices

Pantone Journal $15, Pantone.com

The massive amount of sales can be overwhelming, but remember to stay within your budget and be selective when choosing pieces. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t magically turn that ugly sweater into a must-have. Stay focused and set a ballpark budget for yourself. Making a list is always helpful, especially when its written in a chic notebook.

8. Dont Forget! Support Small Businesses

Rosegold Knot Ring $26, MuyinMolly on Etsy.com

Chain stores might be able to give you massive discounts on technology and big ticket items, but shopping locally will help your community & probably land you some unique finds. If there’s a piece you’ve been coveting in a specialty boutique for a while, chances are it’ll go on sale during Black Friday. Call those small businesses and ask if they’ll be having any special discounts and promotions. There might even be early bird rewards or special contests.

And if you don’t feel like facing the crowds, shopping online is the easiest, comfiest way to go.

Happy Shopping!

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