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She’s Got Sole: Nike Women Comic Look Book for Autumn 2011

Nike Women is repositioning the limelight for Autumn. Usually Nike’s products are endorsed by star female athletes, but for their most recent look book they chose to feature the biggest stars of all. The brand called upon female comic book artists Jan Duursema and Amanda Connor to illustrate the “Make Yourself a Superhero” themed book. No famous faces smiling from these pages – the superheroes are us, the everyday women.

Nike Women chose these ladies to provide art for the look book because of their accomplishments in the field of comic illustration. Jan is respected for her work on the Star Wars series while Amanda has contributed to Mad Magazine and provided pieces for DC Comics’ Power Girl and Atlee.

The art in the look book is nothing short of amazing. The ladies are kicking ass while looking adorable in their sweats, sports bras, and hoodies – all that’s missing are speech balloons.

Image Layout: Aeramis

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