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She’s Got Sole: Missoni x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star for Fall 2011

Missoni and Converse at back at it!

Oh so y’all thought it was over? Not by a long shot. The Missoni for Target collection was just the beginning of Fall 2011 for the Italian fashion house. Missoni is back it when it comes to putting their signature prints on kicks. We tipped you ladies off back in March when it came to the Spring 2011 Missoni x Converse collaboration, now the match has carried over into Fall.

This will also be a two sneaker release. One sneaker is an argyle-esque red-orange, black, and white horizontal stripe, while the other proudly sports the zig-zag print we know and love in tan, grey, and blue. Both shoes feature black leather accents, tongue included. The upper of the sneaks are a raschal knit resembling a crochet fabric or netting that will leave your feet warm, dry and fresh to death. Trust. Missoni and Converse pulled out all the stops with these shoes.

Primary retailers like Scotland’s Hanon already have them on shelves for $200 a pair. Not bad for the quality of the sneaker and reputation of both brands involved. Now don’t start clicking like crazy to get your pair, we don’t want to crash the Hanon server like we did with Target. Be patient grasshoppers, there are still enough to go around.

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