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Sarah Frances Kuhn Camera Straps

Chain and Leather Camera Strap by Sarah Frances Kuhn

While I was in NY for Fashion Week, one of the things I did between shows at Lincoln Center was take Chanel street style photos for La Chanelphile. I have radar when it comes to anything that includes matelassé (quilting), pearls and the ubiquitous chain with woven leather. I noticed a woman in line with a camera strap that was gold chain with black woven leather. I kept walking by her trying to see what brand it was as I was only trying to shoot authentic Chanel product. I concluded that it wasn’t Chanel – and that I needed that camera strap ASAP.

As soon as I got in front of a computer I did a Google search to try to find out more about this strap. Was it DIY? Was it sold online? Where could I get one? I needed to find out because I needed it in my life. Fortunately, it was pretty easy to find (thank you Google images) and I was able to find the genius behind the leather and chain camera strap – Sarah Frances Kuhn.

It should come as no surprise that before Ms. Kuhn was designing the coolest camera straps ever she was an Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue. I’m happy that she’s moved on to camera straps because now I am a proud owner. I went with black/gold (of course) but there are lots of color options. The straps come in two lengths and different weights depending on the camera you’re using. I think I may have to get a wristlet as well for my G10. Or, I may get a super-deluxe for my DSLR and put my classic chain on my G10. Either way, apparently one is not enough for me. You can get yours on Sarah Frances Kuhn’s website.

Chain and Leather Camera Strap by Sarah Frances Kuhn

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