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Proactiv Makeup Removing Cloths

The good folks from Rodan &Fields Proactiv Solution sent me a lovely gift of one of their latest products – Proactiv Makeup Removing Cloths. Now, normally I am a makeup remover and cotton ball kind of gal but I cannot resist the sheer laziness I can allow myself by wiping off my makeup with a wipe.

The first thing I notice is the size:

It is half the size as my Target brand wipe:

But the plus side is that there are 45 wipes in the Proactiv pack vs. 25 in the Target pack.

On the first initial swipe, it did remove my eye shadow easily but it did take some work to get off my mascara – regular mascara, too. Judging from the work and second sheet it takes to remove regular mascara, I  wonder how many sheets would it take to remove waterproof mascara? I then used the second sheet to also remove my foundation and lipstick/gloss.

Alright let’s talk about ingredients, shall we?

I apologize if this is hard to read. Here’s the breakdown in order: water, butylene glycol, lavandula angustifolia (lavender extract), allantoin, laureth-9, disodium EDTA, methylparaben, ethylparaben.  I am no skincare expert. I was also a really bad chemistry student so please bear with me. I did some research on these ingredients and here is a brief breakdown on the ingredients:  allantoin is known for skin softening and cell proliferation. laureth-9, next in the lineup, is known to have anti-itch properties while promoting a moisturizing effect, disodium EDTA is a penetration enhancer: allows other chemicals to penetrate the skin. ( Which allows the last two ingredients: methylparaben and ethylparaben, contains anti-fungal properties and can kill unwanted bacteria, to really do their jobs!

My eyes did feel mild stinging after the first use and I would attribute that to the second ingredient listed: butylene glycol, a small organic alcohol that is a solvent (dissolves makeup). It wasn’t too bad but I did notice it. These wipes are also unscented despite containing lavender extract (lavandula angustifolia). In this case, lavender is only present to aid in relaxation.

Since this is basically a soap-free cleanser, you really don’t need to add another step of washing the face with another cleanser or even rinse with water. Just wipe till all your makeup is removed and you’re done but since I am an old-fashioned kind of gal, I still rinsed with water. Hard habits are hard to break with me. My skin did feel pretty comfortable at first but since I rinsed with water and I have dry skin, I did feel dryness within minutes after using. I am willing to finish the rest of the pact to really see if my skin benefits from this new type of cleanser. It’ll get taking used to not rinsing with water after removing my makeup but if it means gaining more sleeping time then I’m sure I’ll adapt quickly!

I love the portability of wipes and I’m thinking about bring this with me to the gym to remove my foundation and blush before a grueling workout session. I’m sure my skin will thank me for actually remembering to do so!

Disclaimer – These were sent to me by Rodan & Fields Proactiv Solution group for consideration.  I am not a regular user of the Proactiv Solution Skincare System. This review is based upon my initial reaction to my first time using a product from this very popular and successful skincare line.

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