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NailsDid: Nail Halves!

I recently was lucky enough to contribute my nail skills and work with GNOS a Bay Area’s women’s streetwear line for their new lookbook for the Fall/Winter 2011 collection and I was able to get some great flicks and behind the scenes shots which are below.

The direction for the nails was to stay with reds and dark colors. I decided on the theme of nail halves which came out really nice and super easy to do. So I added steps below to do at home!

What you will need: Base coat, top coat, dark red nail polish, red glitter polish, black nail polish, scotch tape, and black rhinestones.

Step 1: After applying your base coat paint your whole nail  (1) coat of dark red nail polish. Then let dry.

Step 2: Apply scotch tape on the bottom half of the nail press down so that there are no air bubbles then paint the top half black. Let fully dry before lifting up the scotch tape.

Step 3: After you take off the scotch tape you can now apply the glitter to the bottom half of the nail where it is red. Repeat this with all nails and apply top coat. If you like leave any nails solid black you can now add your black rhinestones on. I did them horizontally in the middle to keep with the theme. They look like studs when they’re done!

And there you have it! Your finished photo shoot ready nails 😉

Photo by Robert Castañeda

Image Layout: C_Rocka
Photographers: Robert Castañeda & Tiffany Que

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One Response to “NailsDid: Nail Halves!”

  1. Myra says:

    Perfect set for fall..going to try this within a week or so!


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