M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip of The Week: Magnetic Nail Polish

I’ve stumbled upon this emerging beauty trend a couple of times in the last few months. I suppose now is as good a time as any to discuss this season’s hottest nail trend: Magnetic Polish. If you’re not familiar with this newest beauty fad, the people over at nails inc. were kind enough to create a video explaining exactly how magnetic nail polish works. Check it out here: Sephora Presents nails inc. Magnetic Polish.

This product has been embraced by several brands so far. Names like nails inc., Lancome, LCN, and others have all jumped on the magnetic lacquer bandwagon.

Crackle nail polish and marbled nails are so 2010, right? All the more reason to give magnetic polish a try. Nails inc., a luxe UK nail company, was among the first to launch this type of product when they released a polish called ‘Magnetic Attraction’. The brand offers three metallic shades: gold, gray, and purple. Basically, the nail lacquer contains iron powder and comes with a magnet embedded in the cap of the bottle of polish. You follow the normal polishing steps, then hold the magnet over your nail to get a rippled effect. The LCN polish brand also carries their own line of magnetic varnishes. They’re sold in eight shades ($9.90 each), and magnets are sold separately ($19.90). However, these magnets allow you to design shapes on your nail, unlike nails inc.’s version. LCN offers a diagonal line and star option for adding effects to your nails.

If you’re ready to take magnetic nails out for a test-drive you can purchase products from nail inc. at Sephora for $16 a bottle. We’ll be excited to see the results in next week’s ‘Mani Mondays’!

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