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Get Her Look: Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie Style

In the world of media, starlets and wanna-be superstars are always trying one up each other by being “different” and “unique”. This carefully calculated process of styling and presenting “avant-garde” material is beginning to feel tired. Let us help you from that all leather, neon wigged-out slump with a little help from Lil Debbie.

Jordan Capozzi, aka Lil Debbie, is a stylist, model, and entrepreneur straight from the Bay Area. You may notice her from Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci, but take note, Debbie is bringing a lot more to the table. With projects ranging from styling rappers, who she notes as some of the “hardest people to dress” to collaborating with brands and other musicians, this 5’3” girl from Albany, CA is diving right into the game.

“Fashion has always been a part of me,” she tells M.I.S.S. With a family history of tailors, seamstresses, and designing (her mother, Donna, had a boutique children’s line for a number of years), Lil Debbie has been able to harness those good genes to express herself creatively, and people have taken notice. Already with a huge fan base on Twitter and Tumblr, her “little Debbies” are diehard, backing up her every move and blog post. Girls are beginning to emulate her look, which incorporates men’s pieces and feminine details like her signature winged eyeliner.

“I love styling men, that was my first passion,” she said when asked how she got into the fashion world. Her portfolio boasts credits for the styling of  Kreayshawn and Soulja Boy videos.

To get her look, you must remember to have an open mind. You don’t have to go straight to the nearest vintage or thrift store and buy everything in sight, but rather can take a look at your closet to rework pieces.

Utilizing pieces from both vintage sources and current labels, Lil Debbie’s wardrobe boasts a lot of high waisted shorts, cropped tee’s she’s cut up, statement earrings and accessories, and, of course, either Chucks or J’s. There is nothing pretentious about her, everything is genuine, down to earth. Outfits are perfect for going to a concert, mobbin’, or simply as an alternative to jeans and a t-shirt.

For an a-la Debbie fall, choose printed leggings or colored/patterned jeans (preferably skinny). Then take a crewneck or men’s shirt and tailor it to fit your body. Pile on some bad ass hoops or big earrings, as well as some other accessories like cross necklaces or bangles. Throw on some red chucks or your favorite pair of Jordan’s and complete it with some think winged eyeliner (a good liquid liner would be best to use). Don’t forget about your hair, Lil Debbie is known for her short, staple hairstyle.

M.I.S.S. had the chance to spend an afternoon with her, check how to get her look and our photos from the shoot in the gallery.

Lil Debbie Style

Lil Debbie Style

Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to leave all those Basic Bitches behind.

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Photo Credits: Roy Hathon, Edited by Scott Roush

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