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Fashion Meets Music: Shyvonne feat. Jasmine Solano- DAMN

With a style and sound reminiscent of Kelis, Shyvonne is ready to move from the background to the front of the stage with her DIY approach and rule busting attitude. Her star power and style icon in the making status are on display in her latest video for her single “Damn” featuring Brooklyn-based rapper/DJ, Jasmine Solano.

While the track has been stuck in my head–for better or for worse–since the moment I peeped the video last week, the authentic New York street style in the video made me long for the days when I kept my toes done up and my fingernails matching. From the Jeremy Scott x Adidas kicks featuring everyone’s favorite mouse and the made in Brooklyn, Cubannie Links earrings to Married to the MOB leggings and fab vintage finds and nameplates galore mixed in, these ladies are killing the streetwear game and resurrecting it all at the same time. Not only is the gear rocked by every girl in this video popping fresh, but their beauty game is fierce as well. Shyvonne sports dipped dyed tresses, watermelon nails and eye popping lip color.

Make 'em say damn with these streetwear must-haves

To channel Shyvonne and Jasmine and make all the guys around the way say damn all you need is a little effort, a boat load of attitude and the right hardware. Unleash your inner streetwear diva and pair up a crop top, like the one pictured by Claw Money, with a bright skirt or leggings, your favorite sneakers or heels–real chicks know when to pass on the kicks–some old school meets new school ghetto gold, a fly pair of shades and ManiMonday worthy nails. The trick here is not in buying the right brands but in referencing the golden age of hip-hop, the 90s, in a way that is fresh and all you. Think Rosie Perez in Do The Right Thing meets Carrie Bradshaw.

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One Response to “Fashion Meets Music: Shyvonne feat. Jasmine Solano- DAMN”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    I would love to know who made those mini-mouse heels she wore in the opening of the video. I’m on a quest to find out!


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