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Fashion Meets Film: Nowhere Boy

Confession time. My love for fashion started with my passion for film. I’ve always been a fan of style, so once I started researching this article and exploring the men’s fashion of the early Beatles era, I completely fell in love with this look.

Style: Hair to Toe

The late 1950s was a prime time for men’s fashion. It was the heyday of stars like Elvis, Sam Cooke, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry—guys who had a a whole lot of class and style and knew how to work it. And no one emulated this great Rock-and-Roll style better than the young John Lennon.

Like mother like son.

In the 2009 film “Nowhere Boy,” director Sam Taylor-Wood tells the story of the clever, outspoken and cheeky boy who eventually started a little band called The Beatles.

The ladies of Lennon.

When the movie begins, Lennon is being raised by his aunt but is also trying to befriend and understand his estranged mother. Lennon (played by Aaron Johnson) goes to an all-boys school where the proper uniforms don’t express his true style. But when he discovers Rock-and-Roll, the music of misunderstood and wild heartbreakers, he finds out that it’s more than music; it’s a lifestyle.

Aaron makes for a cute Lennon.

If you want to play it right, you need to live and breathe the way of Rockabilly. Your hair needs to be slicked up and fancy, your clothes must be simple but pack a whole lot of attitude. And you’re never seen without a comb, a pack of cigarettes, and a guitar pick in your back pocket.

Red collar? How styling.

The young John Lennon might be caught in the crazy world of an aspiring rock star, but his image is always correct. At his first party as a lead singer in a band, he wears a navy colored suit jacket with a hip collar that is trimmed with red. If you want to roll with John Lennon, you must look good. That was no problem for Paul McCartney. When he first meets John, he is wearing an oversized but well-tailored cream blazer with a pink carnation in the buttonhole.

The fans must look as good as the band.

The women in John’s life were also very stylish. Although sisters, his aunt and mother couldn’t be more different when it came to style. John’s mother, Marie, is a wild woman living on the edge who needs to dance to live. She is a doll of 1950s perfection, always seen in crazy printed dresses and lots of red, the shade of lust and sin. His aunt is another type of 50s British woman; a posh, prim and proper lady who wears pastel cardigans, lots of grayed-down tones and tight pin curls.

This movie proves that if you want to rock-and-roll, the sound and style both need to be in tune. The distinctive look of the music he loved influenced him as much as the sound did. Without it, John Lennon he wouldn’t have become the sensational artist and style icon he still is today.

Does the wallpaper match the swag?

The man.

Image layout by the always glamorous Phaymiss!

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