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Celebrity Style: Bag Trends For Fall 2011

Handbags: a girl’s other best friend. I really don’t think you can ever have enough bags. New season calls for new bags of course. Hopefully you’ve already put away your summertime straw or canvas bag and are shopping for something new and season-appropriate.
Working in a designer bag department only made my addiction 20x worse. Satchels are huge this season – especially some type of animal print or two-toned ones. A bag says a lot about a female, so you’ll want to get something that is your style – something that caters to your necessities and that you can carry around every day. Not every girl can afford a beautiful Birkin, but you can get something similar for a fraction of the price instead of wearing a knockoff. Quality is key. If you buy a cheap bag, chances are you’ll have to get another one a month later. Save up a couple of hundred bucks and buy a timeless sturdy bag that will last you an entire season!

A. Leather Classics Hobo $222.57
B. Sweetheart $74.99
C. Two-Tone Athens Satchel $425.00
D. Jane Satchel $159.97
E. Futura Bauletto $348.00
F. Jane Bag $59.00
G. Francesca $540.00
H. Colorbock Bag $455.00

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