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15 Designer Covers In Celebration Of Harper’s Bazaar Russia‘s 15th Anniversary!

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Harper’s Bazaar Russia has commissioned designs from 15 big-name designers for 15 unique special-edition covers. Everyone from Karl Lagerfeld (above) to Missoni and back makes an appearance. It is beyond interesting to see such an array of design geniuses respond with such different (and at times surprisingly similar) results when given the same instructions. Fashion mavens will love just how “them” many of these covers are (Viktor & Rolf, Versace – I’m looking at you!). Even for the unacquainted, a spread like this ends up an excellent Who’s Who; an accessible introduction to the differences among the designers’ styles and influences (of note are nods to Bauhaus art and typography from Jean Paul Gaultier, Antonio Marras). From sketchbook simplicity to collage-heavy extravagance, the designs are a wonderful tribute to one of the legendary magazine’s youngest branches.

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