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The Bay to L.A.: Study Sesh Season

It’s that season. Leaves turning, sweaters coming out and of course school. For those of you who don’t have school or didn’t take a break during the summer may not feel the change as drastically.Regardless, here are some spots to study, work or just catch up on some reading or web surfing.

Philz Coffee in the Mission in one of my favorite spots. I am a coffee head, but I love meeting people there for meetings or to catch up with a friend. I always get there a little bit early to sit and do some work, whether it’s the people that come in and out, the baristas or the Mission, I’m always inspired and ready to work when I’m there. With locations all over the Bay Area (SF, Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Jose) you can find one near you.

I lived in the East Bay most of my youth and a spot I loved the second they opened is Paddy’s in Union City. Located in the Old Alvarado district Paddy’s fits perfect between the small shops and classic architecture. There is always ample room and people will move over to make room for you if there isn’t. Its serene environment doesn’t take away from the “sitting in your kitchen doing homework” feel that this coffee shop gives off.

L’Amyx in Piedmont is cute little teahouse that is a great study spot and a good place to get a yummy cup of tea. They tend to be a little more quiet and definitely somewhere to go if you want to stay away from hustle and bustle.

I lived in Long Beach for a few years and during my time I have fallen in love with the city, the family feel coffee shops are one of my favorite things there. 2 of my favorite are Sipology and Viento Y Agua. Viento Y Agua has the best drinks ever! They have couches and tables so depending on your study style you can find your nook. Sipology is a newer spot with great drinks and beautiful art always adorning their walls. They have ample room so you never feel rushed or pressured to get out.

If you don’t want coffee and may be looking for a bite to eat Almaza on Venice is a great Mediterranean spot with bomb food and good hookah. They have wi-fi and indoor or outdoor seating. If you don’t want the smoke interfering with your studies then head inside. It’s one of my favorite places to go when I am trying to multi task dinner, work and good time.

Where do you go and get productive?!?!

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