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She’s Got Sole: Girls Got Kicks Book Tour

Ladies, we’ve been stating our claim to sneaker fame for years now. The boys thought they had the game on lock while we were building up our collections on the low. Outlets like Female Sneaker Fiend brought Sneakerettes together to buy, sell, trade, and show off what heat we’re packing inside our cardboard boxes. Now the premier site for female sneaker addicts has complied a book to showcase sneaker culture from a girl’s prospective. Girls Got Kicks is a compilation of excerpts and images from 150 interviews of serious collectors from all walks of life. A few featured ladies included are WNBA MVP-nominee Tina Charles and the legendary Claw Money. After months of work, the final product is complete and hitting the road. The Girls Got Kicks book tour kicks off in NYC on September 15th, traveling to Boston on the 18th. Other cities on the tour include: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, DC and Johannesburg, South Africa. The itinerary is expected to expand as time goes on. To keep up-to-date on tour cities, dates and times, check out the Girls Got Kicks site and Twitter account. I can’t wait to get my paws on this book! Every Female Sneaker Fiend should have one to show the boys: we can do it better.

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  1. Carmen Sedano says:

    Will you be coming to Chicago? I hope so…


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