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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Make Like Dwayne Wayne With the Samsung MV800

Samsung MV800 camera

Perfect for short people, sneaky people, and narcisists everywhere

For the past five years I’ve been using a Canon A620 to satisfy my picture taking needs.  Why?  Because it has a tiny screen in the back that flips out, making it easier to take self portraits for MySpace Facebook Google+.  Me thinks, though, it may be time for an upgrade.

Samsung has taken the concept of the flip out screen and upgraded it in a major way.  Their new 16.1 megapixel MV800 MultiView camera looks like all their other digital point and shooters from the front, but when you get around back there’s a huge 3″ flip up capacitive touch screen.   It has a 180 degree range of motion, making it easier to take things like concert photos (raise it above your head and you’ll still be able to see the screen), sneaky spy pics (as you can hold it below eye level and still get a good shot), and, yes, especially self portraits (narcissists unite).  And because it features a capacitive touchscreen (as opposed to the non-capacitive ones used by a handful of other cameras), browsing through menus and adjusting settings is easy and responsive.  Other not-nearly-as-innovative-but-important-for-a -camera-to-have features include a 5X optical zoom, Dual Image Stabilization, built-in HDMI port and a Live Panorama function that allows you to preview wide-angle shots on the LCD screen.

The Samsung MV800 is available now at a bunch of places (including B&H) for $279.99.

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