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M.I.S.S. NYFW: VLOV Qingqing Wu Spring 2012

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really not a fan of fashion shows that only feature men’s clothing. Generally, I can’t appreciate the clothes because I find it difficult to notice the differences between pieces of the same line. Such was the case for the VLOV Qingqing Wu Spring/Summer collection 2012. The designer purposefully used only three main colors in the line as a way to convey certain themes: Gray for “introspective elegance” and blue and white for hope. The designer also claimed to be inspired by the letter “V” in the creation of his collection. When the lights finally went down, indicating the start of the show, an automated recording proceeded to spell out V-L-O-V letter by letter as each one appeared on the runway screen. The verbalization of the letters invited chuckles and snickers from the crowd, as this type of letter identification sounded like the learning modules from Sesame Street. This fashion show is brought to you by the letter “V!”

From the beginning of the show, the majority of the looks sent down the runway were suits. Grey, black, white or cobalt blue, but usually without a shirt or tie underneath the suit. The appearance of the “V” was most evident on the backs of the suit jackets on their asymmetrical seams. Some of the separate pieces seemed like they did not match; a jacket would be one color black, and the pants (most likely because they would be a different material) would be an entirely different shade of black. I really wanted to like this collection, as the designer was presenting in NYC for the first time – there just wasn’t enough variation among the looks to keep my attention. The gift bag for this show DID trump many other freebie bags –VLOV gave out beautiful business card cases!

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