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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2012

It is evident that the 9:00 AM slot on the first day of official shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is not the most coveted spot on the calendar for a runway show, and as a result of this early schedule, many of the first row attendees for the Nicholas K event were late. This fact worked out to my advantage; 10 minutes before show the veritable Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution called out to me and instructed me to move to the front row. I gladly obliged. Based on what I have seen on the former Bravo show Kell on Earth, I knew to obey Ms. Cutrone at any cost (plus, I scored a gift bag as a result).

The Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2012 collection is great for the frequent traveler, especially for those frequently flying from one coast to the next (NYC to LA, for example). Each look was made up of numerous light, fluid layers in neutral colors, all of which would be easy to take on and off in the case of errant weather. Almost every look included cropped, mesh leggings underneath the main layers – again, great for a person with heat issues or for the more modest dresser. The layered, asymmetrical look was less successful when done in white, and best in the darker colors of the line, like the algae, shark, olive, and kelp hues. Indeed, the best looks of the line had fewer layers and were often enhanced by either a pattern or a crocheted texture. Favorite items include the leather pieces: the Skyline short in shark, the Jex short in algae, and the fabulous fringed leather cuff accessories on each model.

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