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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Farah Angsana Spring 2012 “Oriental Enchantment”

This year, in lieu of a runway show, Farah Angsana hosted a presentation for her Spring 2012 collection. After a few years of disjointed collections that didn’t seem necessarily suited for a runway show, Angsana has finally figured out the right platform for her handiwork. A presentation is a step in the right direction for Angsana. Her embellished frocks gleamed in the low light of the box, and these cocktails dresses finally seemed to be in their natural habitat.

Although Angsana’s line “looks to the enchanting beauty of the Orient,” as stated on her presentation notes, the explanation of this inspiration seems a little far-fetched and contrived. It almost seems as if a PR professional working with the label concocted the theme of the show AFTER the clothing was already designed; there was an effort to “make it fit” with what was already produced. Yes, there are pink dresses that COULD represent cherry blossoms, but the presentation notes also go on to say that the red dresses represent “Asia in all its finery” and that the blue dresses serve to represent the sky. That’s a pretty vague explication….you could just as easily claim that a box of Crayola crayons served as the inspiration to the designer.

To Angsana’s credit, the dresses she designed for the Spring season are more beautiful than ever before. The collection as a whole is much more cohesive, especially because the looks were grouped as three disparate areas in the Box. Additionally, the dresses are classier and less over-embellished – yes, there are crystals, but in this round Angsana did not create, for example, a strapless dress with feathers, rhinestones, beading, and a train. It’s more subdued, and more glamorous – with the exception of the scarlett red sleeveless tulle V-neck gown with intricate beaded bodice – this dress looks like it once belonged to a showgirl; it borders on gaudy. On the other hand, the gowns that WERE successful included the copper silk chiffon caplet off-shoulder hand beaded cocktail dress, the caramel hand-draped embellished silk organza gown, the coral peach beaded strapless gown, the nude off-shoulder belted gown with embellished neckline, and finally, the best bright piece – the scarlett red silk satin chiffon cocktail dress with embellishments. These pieces are examples of refined beauty, and are fit for royalty. All in all, Farah Angsana is well on her way to producing designs of a timeless nature.

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