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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Custo Barcelona S/S 2012

Custo Barcelona, known for trademark prints and colors, delivered an exciting runway show at NYFW. The new Spring-Summer 2012 collection called “Tripolar” was divided into three different themes, each creating a great show. The first group, “Dual,” had unisex looks such as blazers that a man or woman could wear, and had an array of graphics with embellishments made of metal and mirrors to create extra bling on the clothing. The second group, called “Kaleidoscopio,” pretty much speaks for itself with geometric looks inspired by the kaleidoscope. The last group, “Mirame,” featured evening wear, inspired by femininity with innovative pieces created with 3-D techniques. Word is you’ll get 3-D glasses with your purchase once the line hits the shelves!

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