M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip Of The Week: The 411 On Salon Etiquette

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment at a salon, beauty parlor, etc., there is an unspoken protocol that needs to be adhered to regardless of what you might think. Keep in mind that like any other service industry the same niceties and courtesies apply. For example, you always need to tip the shampoo girl! If you have a coupon, you should always tip on the regular price – not the discounted price – no matter the service. From eyebrow threading to hair cutting, tips should always fall within a 15% to 20% range. Another custom that may or may not be the norm at a salon is tipping the owner; ask the receptionist to find out what the case is. The customers’ comfort and happiness is key in these situations, but being pleasant and keeping an open mind goes a long way!

The Basics:

  • Many salons/spas have a 24-hour cancellation policy, if you have to miss your appointment, let the salon know ASAP
  • Show up 15 minutes early
  • Prepare to explain in detail the look you’re going for and bring along photos
  • Chatting is nice, but keep it to a minimum to avoid breaking the stylist’s concentration
  • Never feel obligated to purchase products from your salon – if they’re out of your price range ask for cheaper alternatives

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