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Helping Girls Run The World

I love the world of words. From reading to writing, I can get lost for hours at a time. It is my escapism, my drug, my “life raft.” I can’t imagine my life without the ability t0 express myself on paper or drift away to other worlds with the flip of a page. However, this isn’t a reality for millions of illiterate people around the world – 2/3’s of which are women.

LitWorld is an organization that is working to end illiteracy around the world. From their Girls Litclub & Boys Litclubs here in the U.S. to The Lit! Project, Lit World and Moms for Litworld around the globe, they are making an impact to solve the “human rights issue of our time: education.”

To help spread literacy and the joy of words, they teach the children by letting them tell their story. Kids learn best in this method and it also creates the opportunity for the world to hear the stories of our youth.  Their programs don’t only help the children but also call for the community to get involved. Moms for LitWorld lets mom’s advocate literacy while working with other moms to accomplish their goal. The Lit!Project provides solar lanterns to encourage safe and healthy reading in homes that do not have electricity. Not only is it healthier for the individuals, it also helps the environment by reducing the carbon monoxide released by kerosene lanterns.

On September 22nd join in and “Stand up for Girls,” go to LitWorld.org, print out a badge and at noon on the 22nd, wherever you are, stand up. “Every girl has the right to read & write words that will change her & to write & tell stories to change the world.” Play your part.

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