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From LA To The Bay: The Top Ramen

As the temperature drops, yes even in L.A., I can’t help but crave something warm and comforting. I love soup as it is – a creamy baked potato, Posole, Pho; I will get down on it all! However when the cold is bitter and I need something to brighten up my day, I always turn to ramen.

No, I am not talking about the ready in 2 minutes just add boiling water type either. I mean real, authentic, 7 hours to make the broth ramen. If the only ramen you are familiar with is from a cup or bag listen up! Ramen is far from an unhealthy college student or I-just-spent-the-last-of-my-check-on-cute-shoes meal. It is a bowl of yummy goodness. Not familiar with any spots? I gotchu.

Katana-Ya on Geary (@Mason)  in S.F. is open till late so it’s popular as an after the club spot, always cracking and packed. Make sure you aren’t starving when you show up – you are bound to have  at least a short wait.

If you are in the Mission (S.F.) on Thursday or Sunday check out Ken-Ken. It is a pop up shop that sets up in The Corner on Mission & 18th. They are open from lunch through dinner, and I heard that they have gained quite the fan base – so there may be some waiting.

Making our way south in San Jose check out Ramen Tenma. They have a great bowl of ramen for a good price. They do have a bit of odd hours so you may want to give them a ring prior to heading out. (408.557.8799)

Moving down to L.A. I would recommend Daikokuya in Little Tokyo (E 1st st). It can get a bit crowded but it’s good ramen. They are open until 1 am Friday and Saturday, and until Midnight all other days.

If you are in the Southbay (L.A.) there is a little spot called Ramen Yamadaya. It’s in a strip mall and, if you aren’t looking, you will miss it. They have a good bowl of ramen and you can get a midnight bowl on Fridays. (3118 W 182nd st Torrance, CA).

There you have it! If you have any places that serve a good spicy ramen bowl please share!

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