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Fashion Week Preview: Inspiration From Milly and Tracy Reese Spring 2012

Almost time for our favorite time! Yes, FASHION WEEK! And it is approaching faster than the speed of light. Lucky for us (and you) we’ve got a lovely treat in store. Inspirations and sketches from Milly by Michelle Smith and Tracy Reese.

Here’s what Milly had to say:

“My Spring 2012 collection is modern and geometric in cut and print, softened by earthy materials like wood and tortoise resin.  Colors are vibrant and exciting- vermillion, tangerine, jade and azure are grounded by chocolate brown and indigo” – Michelle Smith, Designer and Creative Director, Milly

I cannot wait to see inspiration/ideas and sketches turn fabric and runway. I love watching the fluidity from concept to finished product. I’ve always been a fan of Milly.

Let’s see what Tracy Reese had to say for spring 2012:

“A feminine yet relaxed mood is achieved through the juxtaposition of romance and sport, comfort and flattery. Subtle hues of khaki and blush mixed with pastel shades of waterfall, misty blue and aqua tears gradually intensify to deep saturated tones and neon brights, making a bold splash for the transition into summer.  A drapey culotte jumpsuit in waterfall, complimented with drawstring waist and seductive neckline details, pairs with a lemon zest hat and printed platform sandals to embody the relaxed mood of the season,” says Reese.

I’m into it! The sketches look great and with a color palette to boot, you can’t lose.

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