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Fashion or Political Faux Pas?

I know we so often take our liberties for granted; however, when I think of political tyranny towards women I rarely consider France. I mean the first lady has appeared close-to-naked in various magazines and maybe even her C.D. cover, but I guess skin is acceptable. Face veils, not so much.

This past April, a law prohibiting women to wear full face veils was passed. Women found wearing them in the streets would be fined for breaking the law. It is impossible to ignore the religious discrimination that is being exercised by passing this law.

The supportive points used to pass this law did not validate the injustice being committed to these women. They attempted to argue that terrorist attacks could go by without anybody knowing and being able to identify the attacker. True, but a scarf or handkerchief over the face would have the same effect, as does a hat pulled down low and a collar pulled up. This is blatant targeting and discrimination of a group. This is wrong.

Three women have thus been fined; two await trial while one had to pay a fine of 200 euros ($271). Rachid Nekkaz, a French business man, picked up the tab for her and paid the fines. He states, “I consider the freedom of movement in a democracy very important,” and expressed his disgust with the law. He feels that the government is violating democracy.

He isn’t the only one, and there have been screams of outrage heard around the world. Kenza Dreider is leading an opposition group in France, and plans to run for president. Kenza wears a full face mask.

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