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Celebrity Style: How To Rock Animal Print

This post is inspired by all the fabulous people I’ve been seeing during New York fashion week. I see animal prints EVERYWHERE in the city! Even the most conservative, keep-it-simple person can use a little snakeskin or leopard print in their life.

Love Kim and Kourtney’s shoes. The yellow & red tops are perfect colors for fall and they both kept the rest of their outfit fairly simple since their shoes make a big statement. Great for woman who doesn’t want to go all out on this trend, yet still keep their wardrobe current.

If you’re a little more daring add some leopard to the mix. Rachel Zoe said every woman should have a piece of leopard. You have to have the courage to wear leopard. Even if it’s a only a tad, the print goes a long way. Solange’s look is absolutely perfect for the fall. The jewel-toned purple pants look so perfect with her leopard platforms.

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