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Beauty Baller on a Budget: Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

Well we completed the first week of September and that means we are edging even closer to Autumn and Winter. But for some of us here in the SF Bay Area, it’s been Fall and Winter most days in June, July and August. I love September, not just because it’s my birthday month but it’s also the time we crave drinking hot chocolate in our thick wool coats, snuggling up in cozy fisherman sweaters, or my favorite Fall staples: opaque tights and boots under my dresses and skirts to keep my legs warm. Also, this is the time we push aside our nude pink glosses and bronzers in favor for darker cosmetic hues. I have my eye on a few shadows by Dior, Chanel and Estee Lauder but even my wallet cannot keep up with all my makeup obsessions. I would like to present a more price efficient solution. This is a little segment I like to call “Beauty Baller on a Budget” because even makeup spenders like me, love a great drugstore discovery for a fraction of the price of a single Le Metier de Beaute shadow ($30).

I give you: Wet n Wild eye shadows. No, seriously. If you haven’t revisited this line, I suggest you do so now. Even if you are disappointed (though I doubt that) you will only spend around $2.99 for a trio. Trust me, there were many times I threw out candy that was more expensive just because I deemed it gross after a taste. I don’t even want to think about the shadows I have purged over the years that cost 3x the amount of just one WnW shadow! So far I have collected a pallet ($4.99),  trios ($2.99 ea) and a single shadow ($1.99). If you layer these shadows on top of a good primer, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance, this will last the entire day just like your favorite shadows by MAC, Chanel, Urban Decay, Dior, etc…

The trio I went with is Knock on Wood. It’s a great blend of light rose, chocolate and plum – wonderful colors for Fall.

For beauty beginners – the folks at WnW have taken the guess work out of exact product placement. It’s  labeled for you. Since I like to rebellious with my makeup, I tend to ignore directions and just place where ever I damn well please. But for the sake of investigative blogging, I decided to play by the rules.

Here’s a second look at the swatches on my arm (for reference I am a MAC NC42, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – Caramel or NARS Sheer Glow/Matte – Syracuse):

The shades do contain fine glitter but I applied with a light hand, therefore I did not experience much fallout around my eyes or cheekbones. The shadows are buttery soft so you don’t need to aggressively dig your shadow brush into these pans – a light sweep will do. It’s better to build up color vs. spending many minutes trying to diffuse harsh lines with your blending brush.

The lid shade is a plum with soft shimmer and very fine glitter, the crease is milk chocolate shimmer and the brow bone is a warm, milky pink. The pink almost disappears on my arm. It will differ depending on the wearer’s skin tone. I can wear it on my brow bone with ease, if I apply lightly. But for my cooler, fairer skin tone sisters – proceed with caution. This will also make a fabulous lid color for you on lazy mornings.

Here it is on my eye:

Some women like to mix their high end designer pieces with low priced accessories or apparel, this is also known as high-low dressing. I like to do this with my makeup. On my brows – MAC eye shadow in Espresso, on my lashes – Chanel Inimitable Mascara, Noir and my eye liner is a deep chocolate brown by Dolce and Gabbana – #10.

I have been having lots of fun makeup shopping at Walgreens lately. Most of the time, certain brands offer Buy One, get One Half Off, so you can’t lose. And they will give you a refund with no questions asked if you are not happy with your makeup purchase – yes, even if you opened up the package and wore the lipstick the night before. Just remember to keep your receipt.

Truth be told, I was a makeup snob even though I have lived off of L’Oreal and Revlon in my late teens – early 20’s. It wasn’t till I had a regular job that I had no problem paying for quality products and I loved the customer service I received while doing so. I left the Walgreens/Long’s Drugs makeup section and I became a regular at Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus. It wasn’t until I became a mother and wife with a whole set of new priorities that I learned how to prioritize beauty purchases. With great makeup artist as creative directors at well known lower priced cosmetic companies – Pat McGrath at Covergirl and Gucci Westman at Revlon – I know I can find a great alternative without having to spend $30 for a single shadow.

But then again if one can and choose to go the higher road of $45 lipsticks and $75 concealers, they shouldn’t be judged. I’m saving up for my next Nordstrom makeup purchases as I type.

Wet n Wild, available online and most drugstores.

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