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Ask MISSter Simms: Why Won’t He Spend The Night?

booty call
If it looks like a booty call, and sounds like a booty call…

Dear MISSter Simms,

Why won’t my boyfriend ever spend the night with me?  Sometimes he’ll come over late, and we do stuff.  But he almost always leaves right afterward.  The few times that he does fall asleep he manages to wake up a few hours later and goes home.  It just seems kind of weird.  We’ve been dating for a month now, and I’m not really sure how to approach him about it without pushing him away.  I need your help!

Sleepy In Seattle

Dear SIS,

Hmmm…your “boyfriend” comes over late at night, you guys do stuff, and then he leaves?  Are you sure this is your boyfriend and not like…a booty call?  I think Will.I.Am said it best in the song “Ring-A-Ling”: “If I’m callin’ at 2 in the mornin’ it only means one thing…b-b-booty call.”

Actually, now that I think about it, a couple of other explanations come to mind.  He could just be afraid of commitment.  Or…he could have someone at his own place that he needs to go back to that is preventing him from staying at your place.  Could be his parents.  Could be another woman.  All I know is you can’t really be afraid to ask him a question like that if you actually do consider him your boyfriend – and if he does give you attitude, it probably means he is up to something shady.

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