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Ask MISSter Simms: Asking Out A Shy Guy

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Sometimes you have to take the lead to get what you want

Dear MISSter Simms,

At the last dance of the school year last year my long time crush asked me to dance with him.  It was super sweet.  He was shy, but he held my hand and we got really close.  Afterwards I didn’t really see him until the new school year started a couple of weeks ago.  Now I constantly find him staring at me (not in a creepy way) and I see him a lot more because we do a lot of the same activities.  It seems like he’s into me but he’s just too shy to tell me.  How do I tell him that I like him too?  Or should I just wait for him to make the first move one day?

Role Reversal

Dear RR,

When dealing with a shy guy you’ve got to switch the roles a bit and be the one to make the first move.  Clearly he is into you.  You say he stares at you in a non-creepy way, and I’m guessing you’re not walking the school halls in a clown suit.  Inside he’s burning with desire….but can’t really express it.  So what you need to do is get yourself alone with him doing some activity where you can get around to letting him know that you like him too.  Maybe you could ask him to study something with you.  That’s a classic move right there.  Maybe you guys could go get something to eat.  Maybe you could ask him to hang out and help you do some shopping or something.  Whatever it is, just make sure you’re not surrounded by friends and you two will finally be able to get your feelings out in the open.  Good luck!

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