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A Look at Bond No. 9 2011 Holiday Collection

Bond No. 9 is New York’s first luxury fragrance company. Their mission is to bottle the energy and spirit of every neighborhood in NYC in scent form for Him, Her and everyone in between (Unisex). I am relatively new to the brand and know only a few of their scents but I have always been attracted to the bottles – remember, I am a total packaging groupie! I am here to bring you a few pictures of the Bond No. 9’s 2011 Holiday Collection.

Yes, you read that correctly…

I know that Halloween is barely around the corner but this is a good time as any to think about the Holiday season – especially you over achiever types that likes to get Holiday shopping done right before September is over or earlier. If you or the people you are shopping for are Bond No. 9 fans or, perhaps you want to step up your gift giving game –  pay attention.

The Coffret Trio (pictured above)

I’m not exactly sure what size the bottles are but I will give an idea of just what kind of deal this is: one bottle of the featured set, Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume (oud extract, rose, tonka beans and musk – my favorite Bond No. 9 scent) retails for $250/50ml ($330/100ml), the two others – Nuits de Noho (notes: jasmin, creamy vanilla and sheer patchouli) and Astor Place (notes: Violet leaf, mandarin zest, freesia, red poppy buds, orris – iris root, teakwood, musk and amber) can retail from $150-160 just for the 50ml size. This box set retails for $550 for all three bottles – saving you $10 if you purchased separately. I know $10 doesn’t sound like a lot but if you are a saver, it’ll make you feel like a winner! Also, you can break the set and distribute among your sisters, mom, mother-in-law or girlfriends.

Know a special someone that can use a little extra bling in their life?

Amethyst Serenity - pocket spray

Retail price – $225/USD

A refillable 7 ml Swarovski amethyst pave encrusted purse/pocket spray. The accompanying scent is the Unisex favorite, “The Scent of Peace”. I tested this one at Saks and I could not stop smelling my wrist during my pilates class. Notes in this fragrance are as follows: grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley and musk. My skin really pulled out the berries in this fragrance while the musk cut through some of the citrus, tartness of the berry by adding a bit of a backbone. I thought Bond No. 9 Signature was my favorite, well this will be a really close call. I have yet to smell this on a man, so my curiosity is piqued. I like that a unisex scent is used to fill this spray bottle – you can give this gift to your dapper brother that seems to have just about everything to your husband as a hint that you’d like him to stop bathing in Axe body spray. You can also get an amethyst colored bag sized to fit separately. I would love to give this to one of my sisters since the notes in this fragrance would smell lovely on either one of them.

How about a token of appreciation to your Nanny, child’s favorite teacher, employee or your Aunt, that hardworking single mom, that just can’t seem to catch a break? A long burning candle and luxurious body cream would do the trick, right?

Oudissimo/Oud on the Skin

A candle and body cream featuring the Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume scent. I’m not exactly sure if this is a set or if it is sold separately. It’s retailed at $170, I really hope it’s a set because I have an aunt that’s a hardworking single mother, I would LOVE to buy this for.

Here’s one I am seriously considering buying for myself:

A Perfumista's Perfect Ten

Fragrances included:  Andy Warhol Union Square, Bleeker Street, Bond No. 9 Signature, Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Eau de New York, Hamptons, Nuits de Noho, The Scent of Peace and Wall Street.

The bottles are only 5ml and retails for $250. If you are becoming more serious about your scents and don’t want to smell like most of the other people on your morning commute train, check this set out. I like the scaled down size because it’s very rare that I finish an entire 50ml sized perfume bottle. I am also loving the coffret box embossed with the company’s signature subway token logo. I would put in some serious work cleaning off the top of my dresser just to make room for this box.

This would also be a great gift for your significant other. I realize buying scents can be daunting and overwhelmingly personal. Out of a selection of 10 scents, he or she is sure to find a few new favorites. Because some of these scents are unisex – then you can both share. It’s a win-win situation!

Okay let’s say, for fantasy sake, you are a professional athlete, actor, actress, real estate mogul, etc and you want your beloved’s jaw to hit the floor or you need to apologize for something you did that’s about to hit the press.

Look no further:

The Incandescent Swarovski Shooting Star

This beauty is completely encrusted with fine Swarovski crystals – from the oval shaped cap to the silver tone keepsake presentation box. I am sure if you give this to your loved one all is forgiven or you are once again TOP DOG in your household.

This has been an edited look at the Holiday Collection. The entire collection will arrive at fine department stores that carry the Bond No. 9 line as well as the Bond No. 9 boutiques in NYC (a total of 9) on November 1, 2011.

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