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The Busy Mom’s (Or Lazy Girl’s) Smoky Eye

I am a mother of a three year old girl. This once sweet, agreeable cupcake is now becoming one cranky princess! Sometimes it’s a struggle just getting her out of bed and ready for pre-school. I’m lucky that my husband is patient and nice enough to help. It’s a struggle just getting myself ready at times; especially when she demands I get her dressed and I have yet to put any tinted moisturizer on my face.

Recently I have been taking advantage of my husband getting our princess ready and hitting that snooze button just one too many times. After the 4th slap, I realize – OH CRAP…I’M LATE! There is no question about what my beauty routine is at that moment – hair into a ponytail, an easy outfit consisting of a cardigan, camisole and work capris with flats. Good thing I have a quick and easy smoky eye routine that will take me no more than 7 minutes. This isn’t just for tired moms but also for girls and women that just like to sleep more than the average person!

**DISCLAIMER**  I have been doing this routine as long as my daughter has been born so I can get this done under 7 minutes and this includes doing my brows. I have always been obsessed with my brows and it’s something I have worked on for the past 15yrs, therefore I can do both brows in 2 minutes. But I do have those mornings where I can’t get them right and it throws off my perfected 7 minute or less plan. ***

Hey nobody is perfect but at least we can put some effort into looking semi-awake, right?

Here’s the product line up:

The most important item you will be using is the shadow stick – I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Shadow Pencil in Wasteland ($20/USD), a dark, golden brown with a bit of shimmer. To the left (on my custom made MAC palette), I used Orb (soft, peachy beige – top) as a brow bone highlight and Coquette (grayish taupe) as a highlighter. The brushes are important, too. I used the following: Stila #15 (double ended shadow), MAC #219 (pencil brush), Stila #9 (blending brush), and MAC #217 (oval blending brush). The mascara I use is Chanel Inimitable in Noir – does a great job of giving me a subtle curl without the use of a eyelash curler. I probably should use one so I can have more of a curl but that’s how lazy I am. Last but definitely not least, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer ($17/USD) – worth every penny. I have had this tube for three years and it keeps my shadow in place!

Speaking of which here’s my lid with just the TFSI primer

Not a pretty sight, I know! Wow, someone needs a brow wax…

Next I applied a thick layer of liner from top lash line to under my orbital socket, crease area.

Yes, it looks scary at first! But this is where the blending begins and do not be afraid to get your fingers a little dirty.

Take your middle finger and start blending the top while leaving the lash line dark. Then I draw a line with the shadow stick on my hand and swipe it with the MAC #219 brush. I apply to my lower lash line and smudge. I like this method because I can control the intensity instead of blending out a thick line on my lower lashes.

I also wanted to note that I do one eye at a time. If you don’t have any prior experience with the UD 24/7 shadow sticks or eye liners, they set within a few short minutes. It’ll make blending that much more harder if you let the shadow set.

After that, I apply Coquette shadow with the MAC #217 brush to my crease and blend with the Stila #9 Shadow Brush. Then I take the Stila #15 and pat Orb on my brow bone. I blend again with the Stila blending brush to diffuse any harsh lines.

I repeat these steps (quickly) on my other eye and then I finish both eyes with 2-3 layers of my Chanel Inimitable mascara. I also had some time to spare and I applied some (much needed) under eye concealer NARS duo in Custard/Ginger.

Here’s the finished look:

Other products used:


Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer/Tinted Moisturizer SPF#20, Caramel/NARS Gilda (coral) Blush/NARS Copacabana (pink pearl) Illuminator


Chanel Glossimer, Braise #158 (coppery rose with fine shimmer)

Don’t be discouraged if this takes you longer than usual the first time around. Remember, practice makes perfect and you can use other colors or even cream shadows. A good one that I love is Benefit’s Creaseless Creamshadow/Liner – in Skinny Jeans.

Have fun!

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