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She’s Got Sole: New Balance newSKY

Sneaker companies are an important outlet when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy. A great shoe is vital when it comes to working out. As of late sneaker companies are lending a helping hand to Mother Nature. New Balance is prepping for the release of their first eco-friendly sneaker. The newSKY features an upper made completely out of fabric made from used plastic bottles. The innovative idea stemmed from New Balance’s endeavor to embrace more nature friendly ways to construct their primary product.

Outside of using a recycled product for the majority of the newSKY, the creative team over at New Balance also devised a way to construct the sneaker with less elements. Their main hurdle was reinforcing the sneaker’s silhouette without the use of plastics or leather. Most of a shoe’s foundation is in its heel. To help the backbone of the shoe withstand the pressures of everyday wear, the design team doubled the material used in that area. After a few failed attempts, the dedicated crew prevailed. Intricate stitching was the missing piece of the puzzle.

The demo shoes are constructed and should be in the last stages of approval. At this point the estimated launch date is October 2011. The newSKY’s life story, from idea to product, is available on the newSKY webpage.

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