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She’s Got Sole: adidas Originals iPhone App

Apple, we get it. There’s an app for pretty much everything. Any interest has an application to keep the iPhone user connected to their passion. Sneakerheads are no longer excluded. We can now start a new folder on our phones just for kick applications. adidas Originals recently plated their piece of the Apple App Store pie with the release of a clean-cut, interactive phone feature. This adidas pocket pal is a shopping assistant, store/product locator, lookbook and sneaker networking site – all compressed into one icon.

Picture this: I’m out in the city shopping and I see a girl in the most amazing adidas sneakers ever, but I have no idea where to find them or what style they are. What do I do? Freeze in awe? Nope! I whip out my handy iPhone, snap a pic of the shoes, and the Originals app will give me the name and store locations of the sneaker. If it can’t find an exact match, a similar shoe will auto-populate.  On top of that, I can browse the latest adidas catalogue, link to their Facebook page, check new sneaker and clothing releases, make a virtual version of my adidas shoe collection and even set up a wish list. Whoo!

The app is less than a week old, so get it while it’s hot…and free!

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