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Secondhand Rose: Ghost World Fashion For Back-To-School

Regardless of where you are or what the temperature may be outside, retailers are having sales to push out their old merchandise. This act signifies the change in the seasons – the coming of fall – more so than the change in the actual  weather.

New fall merchandise always reminds me of one thing: back-to-school shopping. For some of us, we may not have had to go back to school for many, many years, so this is a time I like to call “back-to-cool,” or, simply, a time when one has the opportunity to revamp their wardrobe and usher in new key pieces or even complete looks.

Luella S/S 2008 * Thora as Enid * Givenchy F/W 2011

This fall, I’m all about Enid Coleslaw, Ghost World’s smart, witty teenage protagonist who could surely be classified as a reluctant style icon. There are tons of reference to draw on for this; from Thora Birch’s portrayal in Ghost World the movie to recent runway interpretations (Luella S/S 2008 and, more recently, Givenchy F/W 2011).

This tee and skirt are great for a casual day of saying “F*ck You” to the man, or to that teacher that just doesn’t understand your thesis on fashion’s reappropriation of urban culture. The skirt is vintage Versace, which is amazing for any Enid. Late ’80s – early ’90s Versace is filled with comic book-esque printed denim and acid-colored plaids. Add some chunky boots and a leather bag for maximum comfort while you skulk around town.

When you finally do land a “date” with that older, awkward, self-deprecating gentleman, you may want to consider something dressier – like a gold-flecked mini, leather jacket and star spangled top. Put on your cat mask for fun and mystery. This is my favorite Enid look and one I, personally, hope to employ sometime this fall.

Go forth, Enids!  This fall, explore your art, rub up against a middle-aged “loser” who’s just as lost in this world as you are and – ultimately – stick it to the man.

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